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Freeman is now updated with a day/night cycle and weather system. Immersion is significantly increased when you can see the sunrise, sunset and the night sky full of stars in the game. And combat feels much different when they are fought in the different time of day. There are many weather types you can expect for example foggy, cloudy, sunny, thunderstorm and etc. Don't forget to put on a night vision goggle when you enter a combat. And also make sure to deploy squads equipped with night vision equipment in order to perform better in night operations. Usually, only the higher tier squads have night vision goggles. We will also add time-related Events in the future updates, such as more bandits activities at night...Have fun!


This version is compatible with your previous save so you should be able to load with no problem. But if you run into any troubles when loading the game please let us know.

Change Notes

  1. Day/Night Cycle.
  2. Weather System.
  3. Increased the size of the deployment zone during town defense.
  4. Night Vision.
  5. Squad night vision device.
  6. Moved default key of Quick Load to F11.
  7. Increased food consumption.
  8. Enemy army leftovers will disappear from the world map.
  9. Better prisoner system. You need to increase the compliance points of the prisoners. The more compliance points the easier to persuade them to join.
  10. Basic environment ambient SFX.
  11. Bug Fix: Can fast forward in the menu.
  12. Bug Fix: Sniper scope and RPG scope black.
  13. Bug Fix: Can’t upgrade to Pozna sniper team.
  14. Bug Fix: Enemy units freezes when running away.
  15. Bug Fix: Captured squads move by themselves.
  16. Bug Fix: Flag of the city flying in the sky.


Have a good day!

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